How I Work

When we enter the world, our first experiences of self are through the relationships and reflections that we have with other people (usually our parents or caregivers). Our sense of self is intimately tied to other people. Thus, it makes sense that later on in life, as we continue our growth and search for self, we can make use of other people in this process. In fact, I believe that we often need other people in order to spark, understand, and integrate self knowledge. Therapy can be one of the places where this happens. 

I believe that effective therapy is based on clinical skill, a good "fit" between the client and the therapist, and a safe enough space where thoughts and feelings can be expressed and explored collaboratively. I am committed to ensuring that therapy is working for you in the ways you feel are most important. This is a partnership in which we work towards your desired "real life" outcomes by way of discovery, development of self knowledge and clarity, increased courage and resilience, and simple skill building if necessary. 

I am committed to providing services that honor diverse backgrounds, family forms, relational forms, and experiences. I do not discriminate or refuse services on the basis of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, physical disability, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Therapy can range from short term (up to six months) to long term (a year or longer) depending on client need, desire, and interest. Therapy can take place sitting up face to face or lying down on the couch. We can work with words and also in occasional pauses or silences. Having done this for work for a while now and with many different people, I trust the process and allow each treatment to unfold as needed.