Consultation, Teaching & Training, and Facilitation


Clinical Consultation

I enjoy engaging with other mental health professionals in thinking deeply about the people they serve, the work they do, and the settings they work within (both symbolic and real). I approach the work from a social, psychodynamic, relational lens. 

Teaching & Training

Over the past five years, I have been  lucky enough to deliver mental health trainings to various types of providers and professionals across the nation. To date, I have trained roughly 7,000 people on the topics of trauma, commercial sexual exploitation, community-based mental health, psychodynamic psychotherapy, clinical skills, self-care for trauma exposed professionals, and supervision approaches.

Evaluation comments from recent trainings:

  • "Great training! Trainer is experienced, engaged, and able to convey complicated topics and ideas in a digestable way."     
  • "Elise is fantastic! She obviously has a gift for supporting groups in understanding important, difficult material." 

Group Facilitation

Group work is powerful, challenging, undeniable, and very rewarding. Regardless of whether we are aware of it, we are often managing  groups, group process, and related dynamics. My group facilitation comes out of an interest in creating meaningful moments in which people can take up difficult work together, enhance understanding, and support growth. In particular, I have focused on group facilitation around the dynamics of power and harm that often emerge in groups due to inequity and/or limited information.